Fighting for Miami Valley Jobs

Excessive government regulations and high taxes have cost Ohio jobs. J. Todd Smith knows strengthening our economy begins by cutting government red tape and the cost of doing business in Ohio. The son of a small business owner, Smith will be a champion for our local farmers and businesses, and fight for the middle class. He supports investing in workforce training and local infrastructure.

miami valley jobs

Ohio schools

Local Control of our Schools

 J. Todd Smith has worked as a teacher and has seen firsthand the impact lack of state funding and heavy-handed state mandates have had on our schools. Smith will fight for fair funding and local control – not Columbus and Washington control – of our local schools and will cut excessive testing and unfunded mandates so students can learn and succeed.



Fighting Illegal Drugs

The Miami Valley is ground zero for our nation’s drug epidemic. J. Todd Smith will work with law enforcement, first responders and medical professionals to craft locally-driven solutions – and will fight for state funding to fund those efforts. Like you, Smith supports tougher penalties for drug dealers.

Ohio's drug epidemic

family values

Putting Families First

Government debt. Wasteful spending. Skyrocketing health care and college tuition costs. Now more than ever, Ohio needs common sense leaders with real solutions and an agenda that puts our interests ahead of the special interests. We can trust J. Todd Smith to fight stand up for families.



Protecting Our Tax Dollars

Government must live within its means, just like families do. But runaway spending has led to more debt. It’s time for those we elect to do their job. J. Todd Smith will fight to balance the budget, cut wasteful spending and protect our tax dollars.

tax dollars

not a career politician

Not a Career Politician

It’s time for those we elect to do the job they were elected to do. Career politicians from both parties are too focused on the special interests, not on our interests. J. Todd Smith will work with Republicans and Democrats alike to forge constitutional common sense solutions that protect our pocketbooks, our rights and our future.